Tuesday, March 5, 2013

November-December 2012

The little ol blog kind of got forgotten about in 2012.  However, in an effort to have everything documented, here are November and December through pictures.  

In November, I took a photography class to learn how to better use my dslr.  I still struggle a lot of the time but when I saw how vibrant the colors were on this particular night, I knew I had to try and capture at least a little bit of it.  Sunsets have always been one of my favorite ways God displays His glory and the colors in this one are crazy awesome.  

When the boys were smaller, I got a pretty great picture of them in the dryer and now they love to play in there.  I've yet to get one that's as good but it's fun to try.

In December, we took the boys on the New Hope Ivyland steam engine.  Jakob really loves trains but both of the boys had a fun time on our ride.  After the train ride was over, we walked around New Hope for a little bit and found a cute little Mexican place to eat.  It was a fun memory that they still talk about. 

My boys waiting to board the train.

The train weaved through some beautiful scenery.  Even Jakey
was taking it all in! 

Kaleb and Daddy

Dave had zipped Jakob up in his sweatshirt to distract him towards the end of the ride when he was getting restless and Kaleb wanted to try as well.  

It was fun to decorate for Christmas this year with both of the boys being old enough to help out at least a little bit.  

Kaleb put our stockings on his feet and hands and was walking
around as if he were some sort of robot.  He loves dress up, even if it's
with Christmas decorations.

 Early Christmas presents :)

One of Kaleb's favorite good behavior rewards is a sleep over with Daddy.  We try and make it super special: order Chinese food, let him choose a special snack and movie and stay up a little bit late.  This particular time took a few attempts because he kept loosing it but when we were finally able to do it, he was pretty excited.

Bath time!   When the weather gets a little too cold and yucky, the boys love to take an unplanned bath during the day to just play for a while.  It's a nice distraction from being stuck inside for weeks.  Bonus: Mommy can get some cleaning done in the bathroom while they play.

 Jakey being super brave and washing his own hair.

 Kaleb always says he likes the way things sound when his ears are under water.


 Aaaaand. . .he's ready to get out!

We took the boys to a drive through Christmas light display called Lights in the Parkway in Allentown.  It took about 30 minutes to drive through and the boys had a lot of fun walking around the van so they could see everything.  

 Unbuckled = super exiciting!


Kaleb got a shaving kit in his stocking and he absolutely loves it! Every time he gets a shower or bath, he asked me to get his stuff down for him so he can shave :)

We didn't get much snow but when we do, Kaleb is so anxious to go out and play.  We dressed Jakob up and took him out as well but he didn't love it as much as his big brother.  He refused to keep gloves on while dragging his hands in the snow so after about 10 minutes, Mommy and Jakob went inside and watched from the window. 

Daddy and Kaleb built this cool snowman!

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