Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Weekend in Shohola

This past weekend, we went up to Dave's parents with our friends, Josh and Liz.  While we were there, we hiked some of the falls near where we grew up. 

 Our family.

 The McNeelys

 Dave and Kaleb hiked down a ways that Jakob and I couldn't go.  They're tiny but you can still kind of see them.  

 Jakob, clearly super thrilled that I wanted to take his picture.

 Dave's parents.

 The three big kids: Anna, Kaleb and Katelyn.

 All the kids: Anna, William, Katelyn, Kaleb and Jakob.

 Daddy and the boys.

Jakob finally found something that he enjoyed - splashing in the mud! 


 Covered in mud, but a very happy boy.

 Kaleb throwing rocks in the water.

For some reason, this picture reminds me of The Sound of Music.  "Climb every mountain".  

Dave's parents also have a bit of woodsy land that is fun to hike through.

 The big kids: Anna, Kate Kate and Kaleb.

 The babies: Wilbur and Jakey.

And finally some good pictures of my boys!



Field Trip to Freddy Hill

I got to go on Kaleb's field trip to Freddy Hill Farms.  It was so much fun!  First, we got to take a tractor ride back to the pumpkin patch to pick pumpkins. 

Looking for the perfect pumpkin.

Found one!

(I can't figure out how to rotate this picture!)
We also got to choose a pumpkin for Jakob.

After we chose our pumpkins, we hopped back onto the tractor and rode it to the corn maze.  Kaleb had so much fun going through the maze and then down the big slide at the end.  

Getting ready to go through the corn maze.

Pretending to eat the corn :)

Going down the big slide!

Outside the corn maze, there was a giant turkey so, of course,
we had to have our picture take with it!

After we were done at the corn maze, we headed over to the main store for some ice cream!  This was, without a doubt, Kaleb's favorite part of the whole field trip.

Pretty much every time we have ice cream, Kaleb gives himself an ice cream beard.


Last but not least, Kaleb and I took a walk through the part of the farm where the animals are.  

Super hero pose - this is a MUST!


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Kaleb!!

How is it possible that this tiny little baby is 4?!?

We had so much fun celebrating with Kaleb this year!  He is old enough that there was a decent amount of build up to the gifts he was going to get and he was SO excited! 
 Waking up to Mommy and Daddy singing to him.  

Kaleb loved opening his gifts!  Daddy picked out a Thor card that made noise.  To Kaleb, a card that makes noise is basically another gift :).

Kaleb got a couple smaller gifts and a ball of yarn.  I think he was a little bit confused at first but once we told him what to do with it, he got excited. 

Following his yarn around the yard. . .

. . .and ending in the side yard with his new quad!

He couldn't wait to ride it.  We spent about an hour and a half outside just cruising around the yard.

 I think he likes it!!

 Jakey taking a spin.

Kaleb's party was also a lot of fun!  He had been saying he wanted a Yankee birthday for about a month prior to his birthday.  However, as is typical for a 4 year old, he switched to a Yankee/superhero birthday about 2 days before the party so we tried to accommodate him as best we could. 

 Kaleb giving his ladies a ride on the quad.
Jakey and Bestefar.

Lydia playing at the water table.

 Ellie enjoying the baby pool.

 Tyler jumping off the diving board!

 Anna and Lydia swimming.

 Austin getting ready to go down the slide.

 Opening gifts!  Kaleb got a fishing pole and tackle box from Tyler.

Mommy's attempt at a home made cake.  It's supposed to be a baseball
field with superheros as the players.  

Kaleb and Owen eating the cake right off the tray. 
Kaleb through the years.

I'm a terrible blogger!! (Take 2: July - September)

If you  missed the first half of these catch-up posts, you can look at the pictures here:

And here's what's been happening from July through September. 

July - Brother love:)  I was in the bedroom folding laundry when I heard Kaleb yelling "Mommy come here, you have to see this!"

 July - Ice cream on the beach.

 July - Ice cream!!

 July - Beautiful!!

 July - Kaleb and Lydia in the fireworks shirts we made.

 July - Jakob and Daddy enjoying the waves before watching fireworks.  

 July - Jakob chillin' in the baby pool.  

 July - Lunch on the beach.

 July - Hanging out in the hole.

 July - It's comfortable!

 July - Trying to get a picture of them together is CRAZY!!

 August - Playing outside.

 August - Jakob and Wilbur = Best friends!!

 August - Jakob enjoying one of Miss Liz's cupcakes. 
 August - Kaleb and Daddy camping at ringing rocks. 

 August - Kaleb in the rock garden.

August - Jakob swinging.

 August - Kaleb peach picking!

August - Jakob enjoying the fruit of his labor.

 August - Kaleb bouncing on the trampoline in the mall for his birthday.

 August - He LOVES it!!

 August - Jakob relaxing at the church picnic. 

 August - Kaleb and Lydia playing games at the church picnic.

 August - Dave and I bought ourselves a fire pit for our anniversary.  

 August - The boys loved it!

 August - Kaleb after his s'more.

 August - Jakob thoroughly enjoying his s'more.  Love the belly!

 August - Kaleb working on his hopscotch board.

 August - Kaleb discovering he can use sidewalk chalk on the trampoline.

 August - Bucket head Jakob.

 August - I love the concentration on Kaleb's face...even Jakob
tackling him isn't a distraction!

 August - Jakob on the big boy swing!

 August - Kaleb being a good big brother and giving Jakob a ride on his quad.

 August - Kaleb at Merrymead.

 August - Jakob at Merrymead.

 August - Ice cream!

 August - Ice cream eating, Jakob style.

September - Kaleb and Lydia (holding hands!) on move up Sunday.

 September - Kaleb's first day of school!

 September - Kaleb and Daddy.

 September - Walking in to school.  He's so excited!

 September - Putting up his alligator.  

 September - First day of T-ball.

 September - Streeeeetch.

 September - Touching his nose to his shoes.

September - Batting!

 September - Kaleb apple picking.

 September - Jakob posing with his apple.

 September - Kaleb on his first night of Scooters.

 September - Father/son apple picking :)

 September - Memor and Bestefar with the boys.

September - Family photo attempt. . .Jakob looks less than thrilled.