Monday, March 4, 2013

Dino Exhibit

In February, the Hubs and I took the boys to the Dino Exhibit at the Philly Expo Center.  We thought they would like it, and sure enough, it was a hit!  The dinosaur models were so cool!  They had buttons that you could push to make them move their arms and heads and they also roared.  Jakob was a little hesitant at first because it was so loud but he soon warmed up and he and Dave took another lap around to look at them all again while I waited in line with Kaleb for the moon bounce. 

When we first walked in, they had a green screen that they asked you to pose in front of.  Usually we don't buy the ($17!!) souvenir photo but this one actually came out pretty good so we couldn't resist.  

Here is Kaleb pushing buttons to make the dinosaur move his arms and head.  This was one of his favorite things to do with each of the different dinosaur models

Daddy and Jakey :)


Kaleb and his fave: the T-Rex.

They also had some stations set up where you could touch and compare different features of the dinosaurs.  I think Jakey is carefully comparing the teeth of four different guys

Kaleb is dusting for fossils.  Jakey tried this as well but he didn't like the feeling of the sand on his hands.  

There was an area set up with about 20 of these little dinosaurs that the boys could climb all over and just run around and get some energy out.  This room was really great for Jakob but Kaleb enjoyed it as well.  Here he is getting ready to jump off the dinosaur.  

 Like big brother, like little brother.

Kaleb did a couple of the moon bounces but Jakob wasn't big enough to do them.  He and I spent some time coloring while we waited for Kaleb to finish up.  

All in all it was a really fun time and we'd definitely try and do something like this again!  What a fun way to make memories with our boys.

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