Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Kaleb and Jakob, BFF since 2011

Shortly after meeting Kaleb, there is one thing about him you will know for certain. . .he LOVES Jakob and fully embraces his role as big brother.  He takes care of him, tries to teach him the right things to do and is so good at playing games Jakob can participate in as well.  Similarly, if you were to encounter my boys for any length of time, you would soon notice that Kaleb has a little mini-me, a parrot who will copy anything and everything he does.  Jakob looks up to Kaleb and wants to be just like him (even if that means sitting in time out just like Kaleb).  For the past 2 years, they have truly been the best of friends and I pray every day that that never changes!

Kaleb meeting Jakob for the first time.  He's showing him how to play cars. . .

. . .and how to play legos.


 Such a good big brother helping to feed Jakob.

 Big/Little Brother shirts.

I was getting ready in the morning and when I came out to the living room, Kaleb had covered Jakob with his night night and laid with him while they watched a show.

 Kaleb loves to climb in Jakob's crib in the morning when it's time to get him up.

 Teaching him how to play dress up.  Kaleb as Spiderman and Jakob as Bumblebee.  

 Best Buds!!

 Kaleb showing a very chubby Jakey how to play a game.

 "Most Awesome Big/Little Brother"

 Kaleb can make Jakob laugh like no one else is able to.

 Enjoying a graham cracker snack. 

Mommy and the boys getting ready to do some shopping at the mall.

Playing in the McDonald's play place. . .and so thrilled Mommy brought her camera!

 "I'm on my brother's team"

 Thor and Jakey ready for a football game.

I'm in my room getting dressed and I hear Kaleb yell "Mommy, come here.  You have to see this!"  Jakob LOVES to tackle his big brother.

Kaleb got a quad for his birthday.  Since Jakob is too little to drive on
his own, Kaleb gives him rides.  We got the best smiles out of them when they were trying to run over Daddy :)

 My boys love a good hide out and the dryer is proving to be one of
their favorite spots

Yankee shirts!

"Daddy, don't tickle us!"

 My little superheroes!

Kaleb was sitting like this and Jakob looked over and tried to mimicked him.  This picture really captures how Jakob tires to do EVERYTHING Kaleb does.

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