Friday, October 5, 2012

I'm a terrible blogger!! (Take 1: March - June)

I was looking at my blog the other day and I realized I haven't written anything in over 6 months!  Crazy!  I have a couple more specific posts in mind but I thought it might be nice to just do some pictorial updates from the last few months.  So, here's what's been happening!

 March - Jakob doing his thing on the slide.

 March - He LOVES the slide. . .and he DESPERATELY needs a haircut!

March - Kaleb trying out the monkey bars.

March - Kaleb getting a workout and walking the dog on our side road.  
It's hard to see but he's in mid air in this picture.  
Rascal's little, but still giving Kaleb a run for his money!

 March - Big boy bike!

April - Jakob sitting in a big boy chair watching daddy play softball.

April - Kaleb on the tire swing.

 April - Kaleb got stuck in the mud while playing at softball. . .and of course
had to take a pictures before helping him get out :)

 April - Me and my boys!

April - Easter egg hunt at Grammy and Poppy's.  

April - Kaleb and Rylee in the Gator.
They thought it was hysterical to try and run me over!

April - Jakob's first hair cut!  He wasn't loving it, but snacks helped.

April - Me and The Hubs at a Yankee game.

April - Brother love in the McDonald's play place. 

April - Kaleb getting ready to do the trampoline at the mall.  

 May - Getting ready for his school concert.
May - This is now the face I get whenever I try to take a picture.

 May - School field trip to Merrymead Farm. 

 May - Field Trip

 May - Kaleb's favorite part of the trip - ice cream!

 May - Jakob the Mexican soccer player - jersey courtesy of my dear college roommate Kelli who is currently living in Mexico :)

 May - Kaleb ready for his first visit to the dentist.

 May - He did great!

 May - Kaleb at his school's sneaker day.

 May - Daddy/Kaleb matching softball shirts.

 May - The back.  

 June - Jakob's new favorite place to play is the tiny space between his crib and the wall.  The only problem is that he keeps getting stuck!  

June - Super cool Jakey at Ellie's dedication.

 June - Kaleb with his preschool teachers Mrs. Taylor and Mrs. Thompson.

 June - Kaleb and Daddy went to Monster Jam.

 June - Jakob in the pool.

 June - Jakob at Knoebels playing peek-a-boo with Grammy.

 June - Kaleb riding the go-carts at Knoebels.

 June - Jakob taking a few steps!

June - Kaleb driving the old fashion cars at Knoebels.

 June - Kaleb swimming.

 June - Kaleb and Owen - Best buds!

 June - Jakob :)

 June - Kaleb and Lydia after their first swim lesson.

June - Grammy and Poppy with all the grandkids.

 June - Kaleb and Katelyn

 June - Kaleb and his friends before his first movie in the theater.

 June - Reading Phillies game.  It was super hot, hence the crazy hair :)

 June - Kaleb and Owen - Super Hero pose.

 June - Watching the fireworks.  

 June - "I'm on my brother's team"

 June - Ready to swim

Thanks for reading!  I'm hoping to have pictures from July to now up before too long.

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