Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Kaleb!!

How is it possible that this tiny little baby is 4?!?

We had so much fun celebrating with Kaleb this year!  He is old enough that there was a decent amount of build up to the gifts he was going to get and he was SO excited! 
 Waking up to Mommy and Daddy singing to him.  

Kaleb loved opening his gifts!  Daddy picked out a Thor card that made noise.  To Kaleb, a card that makes noise is basically another gift :).

Kaleb got a couple smaller gifts and a ball of yarn.  I think he was a little bit confused at first but once we told him what to do with it, he got excited. 

Following his yarn around the yard. . .

. . .and ending in the side yard with his new quad!

He couldn't wait to ride it.  We spent about an hour and a half outside just cruising around the yard.

 I think he likes it!!

 Jakey taking a spin.

Kaleb's party was also a lot of fun!  He had been saying he wanted a Yankee birthday for about a month prior to his birthday.  However, as is typical for a 4 year old, he switched to a Yankee/superhero birthday about 2 days before the party so we tried to accommodate him as best we could. 

 Kaleb giving his ladies a ride on the quad.
Jakey and Bestefar.

Lydia playing at the water table.

 Ellie enjoying the baby pool.

 Tyler jumping off the diving board!

 Anna and Lydia swimming.

 Austin getting ready to go down the slide.

 Opening gifts!  Kaleb got a fishing pole and tackle box from Tyler.

Mommy's attempt at a home made cake.  It's supposed to be a baseball
field with superheros as the players.  

Kaleb and Owen eating the cake right off the tray. 
Kaleb through the years.

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