Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I'm a terrible blogger!! (Take 2: July - September)

If you  missed the first half of these catch-up posts, you can look at the pictures here:

And here's what's been happening from July through September. 

July - Brother love:)  I was in the bedroom folding laundry when I heard Kaleb yelling "Mommy come here, you have to see this!"

 July - Ice cream on the beach.

 July - Ice cream!!

 July - Beautiful!!

 July - Kaleb and Lydia in the fireworks shirts we made.

 July - Jakob and Daddy enjoying the waves before watching fireworks.  

 July - Jakob chillin' in the baby pool.  

 July - Lunch on the beach.

 July - Hanging out in the hole.

 July - It's comfortable!

 July - Trying to get a picture of them together is CRAZY!!

 August - Playing outside.

 August - Jakob and Wilbur = Best friends!!

 August - Jakob enjoying one of Miss Liz's cupcakes. 
 August - Kaleb and Daddy camping at ringing rocks. 

 August - Kaleb in the rock garden.

August - Jakob swinging.

 August - Kaleb peach picking!

August - Jakob enjoying the fruit of his labor.

 August - Kaleb bouncing on the trampoline in the mall for his birthday.

 August - He LOVES it!!

 August - Jakob relaxing at the church picnic. 

 August - Kaleb and Lydia playing games at the church picnic.

 August - Dave and I bought ourselves a fire pit for our anniversary.  

 August - The boys loved it!

 August - Kaleb after his s'more.

 August - Jakob thoroughly enjoying his s'more.  Love the belly!

 August - Kaleb working on his hopscotch board.

 August - Kaleb discovering he can use sidewalk chalk on the trampoline.

 August - Bucket head Jakob.

 August - I love the concentration on Kaleb's face...even Jakob
tackling him isn't a distraction!

 August - Jakob on the big boy swing!

 August - Kaleb being a good big brother and giving Jakob a ride on his quad.

 August - Kaleb at Merrymead.

 August - Jakob at Merrymead.

 August - Ice cream!

 August - Ice cream eating, Jakob style.

September - Kaleb and Lydia (holding hands!) on move up Sunday.

 September - Kaleb's first day of school!

 September - Kaleb and Daddy.

 September - Walking in to school.  He's so excited!

 September - Putting up his alligator.  

 September - First day of T-ball.

 September - Streeeeetch.

 September - Touching his nose to his shoes.

September - Batting!

 September - Kaleb apple picking.

 September - Jakob posing with his apple.

 September - Kaleb on his first night of Scooters.

 September - Father/son apple picking :)

 September - Memor and Bestefar with the boys.

September - Family photo attempt. . .Jakob looks less than thrilled.

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