Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Jakob!

So, it's a little late, but Jakob turned 1 on March 3.  I can't believe this little guy is 1 already!!

Dave and I were at a youth leaders conference on Jakob's actual birthday so we couldn't have his party that weekend but we were able to go Red Robin for his free kids meal and ice cream sundae that night.  It was so fun to get to celebrate with him on his special day. 

Ready for my ice cream!


 Kaleb feeding Jakob his sundae.  Such a good brother!

Best Friends

Kaleb having a fit because his balloon wasn't red.   

The big 1-year-old playing with his balloon on the way home.

Jakob got a pirate ship water table from us for his birthday and the boys couldn't wait to play with it!  It was really fun to set it up in the kitchen and let them go to town - although, I think their favorite part was getting daddy all wet :)

 Loving it even before there's water in it!

 Not sure what this face is about but it's pretty cute :)

 "This is really cool, but I wish you would have put WARM water in it!!"
*yeah, that would have been a good idea. . .whoops!

Last Sunday we had Jakob's birthday party.  It was really small but the weather was beautiful so we had a great time being able to be outside. I made some of his favorite food, we opened gifts, had dessert and enjoyed the sunshine right up until bed time. 

 Jakob's 1st Year
 Jakob in his birthday hat right after his nap.

Getting ready to open gifts.
"Why am I sitting in this chair with nothing to eat?!?"

"Not what I what was expecting, but ok"

Opening Gifts

Noah's Ark Cake

Notice his face?
The one disappointment - he wanted nothing to do with his smash cake!
 The favors - Since it was a Noah's Ark theme, I went to the candy store and got a whole bunch of gummy animals and put two of each animal in each bag.  On the back, I wrote "God told Noah to bring two of every kind of animal onto the Ark".

 Thanks for coming to my party!!

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