Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Weekend in Shohola

This past weekend, we went up to Dave's parents with our friends, Josh and Liz.  While we were there, we hiked some of the falls near where we grew up. 

 Our family.

 The McNeelys

 Dave and Kaleb hiked down a ways that Jakob and I couldn't go.  They're tiny but you can still kind of see them.  

 Jakob, clearly super thrilled that I wanted to take his picture.

 Dave's parents.

 The three big kids: Anna, Kaleb and Katelyn.

 All the kids: Anna, William, Katelyn, Kaleb and Jakob.

 Daddy and the boys.

Jakob finally found something that he enjoyed - splashing in the mud! 


 Covered in mud, but a very happy boy.

 Kaleb throwing rocks in the water.

For some reason, this picture reminds me of The Sound of Music.  "Climb every mountain".  

Dave's parents also have a bit of woodsy land that is fun to hike through.

 The big kids: Anna, Kate Kate and Kaleb.

 The babies: Wilbur and Jakey.

And finally some good pictures of my boys!



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