Monday, April 15, 2013

You know you're a mommy when. . .

My friend Julie has a whole blog dedicated to this very topic but these are just a few of my own personal experiences.  I'm sure there are a ton more all my mommy friends could add to the list.  It's just one more testament to how much life changes when you have kids :)

You know you're a mommy when. . .

. . .your real friends are the ones that listen to you whine about your kids and still love you (and what's more, still love the kid you've just whined about) anyway.  

. . .your house hasn't been truly clean in almost 5 years and you're ok with that because toys and crafts and books and dress up clothes mean happy kids and that's all that really matters.

. . .going to the grocery store alone is a vacation!! 

. . .your favorite kind of jewlery is made with pipe cleaners, plastic beads and pasta.

. . .the main reason your floors get clean is because you can't stand walking on crushed up Cheerios any longer. 

. . .you give up on your before-kids vow to never feed them processed food and will microwave whatever they will put in their cute little mouths.  Crackers and cheese now equal a legitimate meal (or nuggets stuffed with cheese, or corndogs with cheese. . .pretty much anything with cheese!)  

. . .you'd like to think your crafty but when you stop to really think about it, your main specialties are anything with handprints, footprints or toilet paper rolls.

. . .you wish your kids would just sit and watch tv for once so you could TAKE A SHOWER IN PEACE!!

. . .nap time is sacred.  And all your friends know they will probably get your voice mail between the hours of 1 and 4.

. . .you can play Avengers with the best of 'em.

. . .you look forward to being stuck at the train tracks because the wee ones are so excited to see the choo choo!  And school zones aren't a big deal either because, oh my goodness, BUS!!

. . .you tell your two year old to clean up the water he spilled when he was filling the dogs water bowl and you aren't the least bit surprised when he gets down on all fours, sticks out his tongue and licks it up off the floor.

. . .your idea of make up is face lotion and chapstick and your idea of getting dressed up is changing out of your sweatpants.  

. . .you know the theme songs for "Clifford", "Curious George", "Veggie Tales" and many, many other cartoons that you'd just as soon forget.  

. . .you can't even remember the last time you went to the bathroom by yourself.   

Oh, just me?  Ok ;)

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