Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Pioneer Clubs Closing Program

Since Kaleb is 4, he got to go to Pioneer Clubs at our church this year.  Tonight was the closing program and it was so fun to see Kaleb singing all the songs with his friends.  I'm so thankful for his Scooters teachers, Miss Chris and Miss Jill, and the Pioneer Clubs leader, Miss Pam.  He sometimes says he doesn't want to go when it's initially time for his class but he always has a fun time and has learned so much!

The Scooters class is heavily occupied by rowdy boys.  Here is Kaleb with two of his friends, Connor and Owen, making funny faces.

First they sang a fun song that they did in a round.  It has so many different verses I have no idea what it's called but it's so cute!

Then they sang "Jesus' Love is Bubbling Over" and did their pledge and verse.

And finally, each group sang their own song.  The Scooters sang "Who is the King of the Jungle".  Each of the kids made a craft to contribute to the song.  Some made animals and some made letters.  Kaleb was in charge of the "U" and he was totally on his mark, if you ask me.  Proud momma right here!   

I think my favorite part is that the 
kids inadvertently spelled "S - E - J - U - S".

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