Thursday, January 3, 2013

October 2012

Lots of fun things happened in October. . .here are a few!

Kaleb at Merrymead Farm.

Jakob at Merrymead Farm. 

The boys at the Aquarium. 

Kaleb and Tante Karen at the aquarium.

Kaleb hammering a nail face into his pumpkin.

Gutting the pumpkin.

Kaleb's finished product!

Dave getting ready to carve his pumpkin.

My silly pumpkin and Dave's pirate pumpkin.

Kaleb in the leaves.

Big brother Kaleb trying to console a not so happy Jakob in the leaf pile. 

Kaleb just hanging out in the leaves.

Jakob warming up to the idea of playing in the leaves.

Kaleb roasting a marshmallow at the Pioneer Clubs bonfire.


Messy hands and face - the only acceptable result to eating a s'more.

Kaleb and his girl Lydia searching for candy at the bonfire.  These two always seem to find a reason to hold hands :)

Our trampoline during hurricane Sandy.  We were so fortunate that it missed both of those windows by mere inches!

We pushed it back into the yard.  It's upside down but at least it's off our patio.  We ended up taking the whole thing apart in the middle of the storm.  It hasn't been set back up yet but we're hoping it's not bent too badly.  

Jakob and William in their Halloween shirts.  Getting a nice picture of the two of them proved to be difficult. 

Kaleb as Hulk.

Jakob as a cow (and really not happy about it!)

The babies with some chocolate...that seemed to make them happy!  Now we can't get a picture because their mouthes are too full :)

The boys.

Our little trick-or-treating group.

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