Saturday, October 15, 2011


Today was a pumpkin filled day!  This morning we went to Tabora Farms and picked out our pumpkins.  Tabora is not the best place to pick pumpkins but it definitely has THE BEST store for some lunch and treats.

They had a couple of cut outs you could get your picture taken in:

Kaleb and Mommy as farmer mice

Kaleb being carried away by a big bird

Daddy and Kaleb

Mommy and Jakob

Kaleb on the tractor

After we chose our pumpkins, we got some yummy treats from the store and headed home.  After a nap and some dinner, we got to work carving.
Dave and Kaleb making the first cut

feeling the goop - he wasn't too crazy about it

We tried something a little different and let Kaleb drill out a K in the pumpkin.  This was perfect for him and it came out looking great!

drilling his first hole

by now, he's a pro!

really not sure why he's licking it but he thought he was pretty funny :)

Kaleb with his "K"

finished product.  not bad!

Dave's monster (that he's very proud of - rightfully so!) and Kaleb's "K".

And to cap off the evening, we made these cinnamon sugar roasted pumpkin seeds.  Delish!!

 Happy Halloween!

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