Monday, August 1, 2011

You're a blogger, now what?

So, I guess I'm a blogger!  Blogging seems to be the latest and greatest thing but it feels a little overwhelming for this stay-at-home mom.  In the past when I thought about starting a blog, I wondered "what in the world would I write about?!?"  Then I realized that my kids are a total GOLD MINE!!  I understand that not too many people will care to read all the details of my wee one's days but hopefully there's at least something that someone will find somewhat interesting!

I was super inspired/challenged by this article:  
When the little boy in John 6 gave his small lunch to the frantic disciple running around trying to figure out how to feed the multitude, I don't think he figured it would be used the way it was.  Five loaves and two fish certainly doesn't seem like much, but when it was placed in the Master's hands, there was a miracle on the mountainside. 
My proverbial loaves and fishes are the seemingly menial tasks I do everyday.  I stay home with my boys so I spend my days cleaning my bathrooms, folding TONS of laundry from my super spitty (but oh so adorable!) baby, washing dishes and all of the other household chores that go along with being a wife and mom.  Do I always consider those chores to be a furtherance (yes, that's really a word) of the Kingdom?  No.  But I'm working on it.  That's what I'm hoping this blog will be. . .my daily journey of teaching and playing with my kids and making my time with them count. 

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