Monday, August 5, 2013

Crayola Factory

One Saturday afternoon in July, we packed up the boys and headed to the Crayola factory to meet Dave's sister and her family.  The 4 boys had such a great time just being together!!

 Walking into the Crayola Factory.


 Kaleb in front of the huge wall of crayons. 

 Kaleb and Jakey with the huge crayon. 

 Kaleb coloring a shark. 

 Jakey coloring his fish.

 Kaleb and Jakey working on a HUGE light bright!

 We tried to get a picture of Kaleb with the green water but it came out blue.

 Kaleb making his own crayon.

 Daddy and Jakey working on his crayon. 

 Jakey painting.

 Jakey waiting for his painting to dry.  

Austin giving Jakey some love.

The 4 boys!!

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