Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunday Stroll

Tonight Dave and I loaded up the boys and took them for a walk.  It was just too beautiful of a night to stay in and any chance we get to run them, we'll take.  They should sleep good tonight!  

Jakey hitching a ride on the "Daddy horsey", as he calls him.

When we told the boys where we were going to walk, all they could talk about was how excited they were to throw rocks!!  Here they are sliding down to the creek. 

Kaleb found another little hill to climb and was very proud
when he made it to the top. . .

 . . .and sliding back down.  Those shorts are going to need a good washing!

Mommy and Kaleb

Kaleb walking across a log he found.

Kaleb hanging off the bridge!!
(Just kidding. . .Dave is holding him from above)

Jakey running across the bridge.

After we were done at the creek, we stopped for a cookie break.

A cookie covered Jakob hitching a ride back to the car. . .and covering daddy's ears in cookies as well. 

My boys <3

Whenever we go anywhere with a porta potty, Kaleb suddenly HAS to go.  I asked him why he likes to go in those disgusting things and he very enthusiastically said 
"because they're just so awesome!!" 

We were so proud of how well the boys did!  Kaleb basically ran the whole path and Jakob walked quite a bit too.  They're already asking when we can go back.  The weather could not have been more perfect.  I hope we have many more of these 65-70* evenings to take advantage of!

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