Friday, February 3, 2012

Never Too Young for Crafts

My 11 month old Jakob is starting to really enjoy painting.  What's not to love, really?  It's messy and squishy and you can make fun colors.  I've painted with him once before.  It was fun but the mess (and the messy child) was annoying to clean up.

Round 1 - super dooper messy

So I had an idea...why not paint in the bathtub?  It was perfect!  He could paint in his diaper and then when we were done, we'd just wash all the mess, including what was covering him, right down the drain.  I taped some paper down in a couple different places so he could just wander around the tub and paint when he felt like it.  It was a fun experiment and I'm excited about the finished products!
At first I just put one piece of paper on the floor of the tub and one on the side wall.  

Then I put one on the edge of the tub.  Jakob is pulling up on everything these days so that surface was getting painted regardless.  

He ended up using his foot to paint the one on the floor.  He thought it was funny that he was slipping all around. 

By the time we were about done, he was even painting the floor mat!

And now, here's about 20 super cute pictures of Jakob in the bath.  Who doesn't love a splashing baby?!


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